Data Analyst

Simple & Affordable plans for everyone.



+18% GST

Basic pivot tables, Basic formulas, 1-3 charts



+18% GST

1-2 data sources report >Data Modelling, 1-Tab dashboard -DAX formulas & pivot tables



+18% GST

Multiple data sources, Data cleaning, Data modelling, DAX Formulas, Multi-tab dashboard


Most frequent questions and answers

As a data analyst and Tableau expert, I am comfortable working with a wide range of data sources and types. This includes structured data stored in databases (e.g. MySQL, SQL Server), CSV or Excel files, web APIs, and NoSQL databases (e.g. MongoDB). I also have experience working with unstructured data.

Its not imperative depending on the task. in some cases you can provide dummy data which can then be updated with real data at your convenient.

Yes. Reports will be provided bases on your exact needs and preferences.

You can get full copyright from all the packages.

If you don’t like any of our work. We can try again a few times. But If you still don’t like it. Definitely, We will refund you 🙂 After getting your refund, you will no longer receive copyrights and licenses for any of the designs.

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